Saturday, November 4, 2017

Mountains and Meditation

I return from California refreshed. I went to some inspiring places.

Via LACMA, Portrait of Isaku Yanaihara

 One highlight: Lake Shrine

 Another highlight: Topanga State Park. Recommend.

Still, every sight can be an inspirational one, if you are really looking with care.

 A festive seasonal display:

I... don't have words for the West Hollywood Halloween Parade. I didn't get good pictures, either. It needs to be experienced.

Wedding, WeHo, Wild Things

A week on the West Coast began with a family wedding. Much to celebrate.

Then, to West Hollywood to see one of my favorite people for the favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!!

Buddha pumpkin:

Buddha blonde?

Melrose Trading Post:

Often on this trip I thought of "Where the Wild Things Are." I saw monsters in the graffiti but also when I saw the exhibit on Chagall costumes at LACMA.