Thursday, May 9, 2013

Siblings for Life!


I lost my blogging momentum when my work situation changed a bit--I currently log around 55 hours a week between two jobs.

I feel blessed that I do work I truly care about and interact with thoughtful, passionate people on a daily basis.

But sometimes a lady needs to sleep and eat and read fiction!

I've spent my rare days off largely sleeping. In the sun. And waking up to drink beer. Annnnnnnd falling back asleep in the sun. Sometimes a book gets read on a day like this.

Again, none of this is a complaint. But I hadn't been going on too many adventures, or had the time to write something for Ye Olde Blogger.

But today was my ONE day off from both jobs this week, and even though it rained on and off, I was happy to hit the road and visit Red Bank, NJ.

The official reason for the excursion was for my sister to check out the Red Bank location of Alex and Ani, which I'd never heard about before. It was a super-mod jewelry shop--bangles are BACK, apparently. It was cool to learn about their business practices--all pieces are made in Rhode Island, from recycled materials.

Just being in the store was an experience:

I saved my splurge for the comic store. I finally own a copy of my favorite graphic novel ever. I also got a new Batman comic to try out. Hooray!

What else do you expect from Kevin Smith's comic shop?
Red Bank is a lovely city to wander around. I do love me some thrift stores:

Backward Glances

Also, discovered a cake pop store. NOMMMMMMMM.

Macarons at Lil Cutie Pops

It was a great adventure with one bro and sis. Look at all the excitement!

Photo by Rachel Eppinger

Beautiful collage by Rachel Eppinger

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