Saturday, April 12, 2014

Food-loving, art-loving, book-loving life

It's one of my favorite times of the year in New Brunswick, NJ: The Public Library's book sale! I didn't buy novels this year, but I did walk away with a poetry collection and a delightfully quirky cookbook, published by the Summit Art Center in 1975. It is called the Art-Lover's Cookbook, and I adore it.

Every recipe is illustrated. Sometimes, the artwork is relevant.

Sometimes, not so relevant.

This is going to get me some hits on Google that I seriously don't want, but I'm going to say it: SEXY CHEESECAKE.

I wonder who stood in as the Nude Asparagus Model?

Some take their names from famous artists, or even claim to be that person's favorite treat. (Though I'm a tad skeptical).

Some just sound straight-up delicious:

I've been spending more time reading, walking and cooking this week, not the least because I deactivated facebook. Maybe not forever! But so far I feel clear-headed and more present in every interaction. And I e-mail, text, or spend physical time with the people I enjoy most, instead of messaging them online and on a forum where lots of folks can see it. It's a refreshing experience.

I've also been living at a slower pace because I had an infected wisdom tooth removed this week. (I was back for a 12-hour-workday the next day, so I guess my pace didn't slow immediately.) It has brought some pain, discomfort (I HATE GAUZE), worry over stitches, and taking many doses of antibiotics.

Ugh, antibiotics. I'm not a fan, and haven't taken them in my adulthood. But I keep hearing that tooth infections KILL PEOPLE, so alright, alright, I'll take the pills.

But I've also been adding more probiotics into my diet, such as yogurt, and GTs kombucha (the Trilogy blend, all day long, please), and, well apple cider vinegar.

Not the most appetizing thought, but Bragg raw apple cider vinegar is really special. It contains a living enzyme, which is good for my stomach (all the time, but right now especially.)

The Tonic
A tablespoon of the apple cider vinegar
A cup of warm water
Teaspoon honey
Teaspoon maple syrup (I actually use a very strong Grade B)

It will still smell strong, but the taste is pleasant! I have it at night, not too long before bed.

I'm laying low this weekend, ciao!

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