Monday, May 12, 2014

Crazy Quilt.

Finally got around to some of my own projects this weekend, and I am thrilled!

I spent my downtime:

Trying to sprout lavender seeds. This is a difficult process--the last time I tried, I failed. Anyone out there have any tips? I currently have my cold stratifying bag in the fridge and I am hoping for the best...

Planning A Crazy Quilt. Did I finish Ugly Quilt? No, not quite. All my rows are together but wut is batting tho?

But I have a ton of fabric and felt the need to do some hand-stitching. Maybe I just like starting quilts? Is there any use for that, anywhere in the world?

Beating the Reaper. I got this book recommendation a few months ago from a friend, and OH MY GOD she wasn't lying when she said you couldn't put it down. Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell is laugh-out-loud funny and completely addicting.

Making Cake Balls. I love a Free Kindle Top 100 download, and I found one with nothing but cake ball recipes.

I'm new to this cutesy baking trend, so it was odd to bake a cake, only to mush it up.

But the coffee buttercream frosting recipe alone makes this a worthwhile read.

Just look at this:

The results are adorable, and delicious.

Vanilla crème cake balls. 

The recipes can be a little tricky to read at first (I've never seen "tablespoon" abbreviated as just "T". Actually, I'm still assuming I interpreted that correctly because the recipes turned out well!) but I just did a couple read-throughs and then trusted my baker's instincts. (I developed these over about 20 years of trying and experiencing some HUGE failures.)

All in all, this cookbook is absolutely worth scooping up:

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